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Steel plants waste

Passing the ILVA plants in Taranto, Genoa and Novi Ligure to the new company Am Investco Italy, formed by Arcelor Mittal and Marcegaglia, ITALPLASMA proposes the plasma torch technology to solve the problem of steel waste and dust, highly harmful for workers and inhabitants in the areas surrounding the facilities.

Metal handling operations in the steel industry are among those classified as having a higher health risk. In fact, during all the processing phases, metals release into the air substances harmful to the human body.

Specifically, the risk factors are represented by the fusion of the compounds, by the use of quartz powders and various metals, by the fumes of iron oxide and by gases and vapors such as CO, HCN, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, PAH, from asbestos fibers and talc. The fibers released into the air are deposited in the respiratory tract due to their high level to be inhaled and their small size.

In the steel industry the greatest risk is represented by the use of blast furnaces necessary for the production and casting of the continuous cycle cast iron. The workers employed are exposed to percentages of dust concentrations higher than those detectable in other departments. In addition, dioxins produced by blast furnaces are found both in the fumes and in the residues to be disposed.

All respiratory diseases of the lungs, generated by prolonged exposure to air pollutants and their inhalation, are classified as pneumoconiosis and are of a fibrotic or tumoral nature.

For the disposal of steel waste and the inerting of powders, the high temperatures that the plasma torch manages to develop, allow, in an efficient and low environmental impact way, not only the disposal of powders and the drastic reduction of steel waste, but also their transformation into alloys and the recovery of some metals.

European steel companies, such as SKF Steel, have using for years plasma torch technology for the treatment of steel waste and dust, with extremely flattering results.

ITALPLASMA also proposes the application of plasma torch technology in the low-level nuclear sector to achieve the strategic objectives envisaged by the decommissioning of plants: the use of this technology drastically reduces the volume of material destined to special landfills, allowing extremely low costs.

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